Monday, September 29, 2014

Honey, Please

September is coming to a close, so what perfect timing to remind you that it's National Honey Month!

Here are some honey/honeybee facts to sweeten your week (with knowledge!):

1. 15 billion dollars are added to the US agricultural market from honey alone
2. North Dakota is the largest producer of honey in the country (33 million pounds in 2013)
3. North Dakota sends its bees to pollinate crops like blueberries and apples on both coasts
4. Approximately 90 different vegetables, fruits and nuts wouldn't be pollinated without the bees!
5. In the 1940's, there were about 5 million honeybee colonies. Today, only 2.5 million
6. New pathogens, viruses and pests are a few of the causes of this extreme decline
7. Congress passed an amendment in the Farm Bill to help protect and bring back the honeybees

You can check out more on this issue of decline here and a TED talk about it here.

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