Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cheerios Challenge

This past Tuesday, many ludlownians came to the basement to taste test different brands of cheerios and grab a grocery price-compare list. The whole point of this event was to give you guys a useful resource for discovering where you can shop smart (and I don't mean literally at shop smart haha). The little tast-test conducted was to point out that there is not a big enough difference between a brand name and an off brand, to spend way more money on something. The brand name Cheerios I provided at the event cost $6 at Duane Reade, and the Cheerios from Trader Joes cost only$2.50! A little consideration for where you're shopping can go a long way. Below is a picture of the grocery compare list I handed out to everyone. If you didn't make it, and would like a list, I would be happy to print you out one! Just message me, or find me on the 17th floor :) 

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