Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Plastic Sun

painting of the band-mates

My Plastic Sun is a great local band from my home-town, Rochester, NY. My boyfriend is the lead guitarist in the band, making them have an awesome sound (I may be biased...). If you're interested in guitar at all, you will love to watch this band play. Sam plays guitar "overhand", with his hand over the fret instead of under. He picked up guitar after having broken his forearm and taught himself to play this unique way. Johnny Cummings, the lead singer of the band, is also an incredible musician. He sings, writes his own music, plays piano, guitar, and ukelele. The video I posted below is a music video that a couple big-deal directors from VH1 filmed and produced for free in support of the band. The concept of the video is a little cheesy, but the quality is pretty great considering this is a band from a small town that hasn't "made it" yet. Come see them live Wednesday, November 28th at 9:00pm at Arlene's Grocery! Arlene's is literally right down the street, on Stanton (in between Ludlow and Orchard). I'll be posting about the show on the facebook, so keep a look out!

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