Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aaahh!!! Real Graduation

Get it?! Its funny cause its like the title of that popular Nickelodeon show Aaahh!! Real Monsters.

I know, I know.. I'm hilarious, but let's move on.

So a lot of us are graduating in a couple of months, me included, and I am the biggest mixture of excited, sad, scared, anxious, exhausted, and nervous.  I know that there are more negative words there but I think I might be more excited than anything because of all the opportunities I have open to me.

"So, whatre you gonna do after you graduate?"

I hate being asked this and I never have an answer.  Yet I can't help asking other seniors the same exact thing.  I know I know! Im being a hypocrite!
But I've come to realize theres nothing wrong with the question, we're just thinking we have to have a specific answer, the specific college graduate answer. "Oh, I got a job offer from so and so company and I'm moving to so and so place to use all of the things I learned from so and so university/college."

I however dont have those kinds of answers.  I wanna travel the world, I wanna freelance, I wanna work with kids, I wanna paint murals. I dont have a certain one answer for what I wanna do after I graduate because I have too many things that I want to and am capable of doing.

You wanna travel?! 
You wanna stay in the city and make it as an artist?! 
Wanna move back in with your parents and save some money?! 
You wanna move across the country and just explore?! 

Dont let any of your pre-concieved ideas of what you "should" be doing stop you from doing what you really want.  However realize that everything takes a bit of elbow grease and lots of hard work.  Dont expect things to be easy.  Realize that youll have to love them enough that youll be able to work with it when its rough. Dont tell yourself you can't because youre the only one that CAN make anything happen for yourself.

" forget you ever knew the word can't, forget that you know what it means. That word is useless to you, it will take you nowhere. The word can, however, will take you farther than you've fathomed, even in your wildest imaginations. You see, it's only impossible until you do it, and then suddenly you realize it was possible all along. "

So wish away, plan what you wanna do, or dont plan, work hard, make money, and as Mrs. Frizzle says "Take chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy"

And don't forget to dance like Lisa Simpson when getting your diploma... I know I will.

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