Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY (Do it Yourself) Round 2

      The time had come for round 2 of DIY. Last time on DIY, RA Shaun and a few residents made there own Harry Potter wands. Yup thats right! Everyone made his or her own wands and each and every one was different. The best thing about it was that we made them out of paper! This time around RA Shaun had something different in mind. Everyone made Batman themed masks out of paper. It was called OriGotham because it was in a way like origami. The instructions were easy, just cut out the mask, a little tape here and a fold there. 

      I really like how these came out and its perfect for halloween next year or any costume party, it's perrrrrrrrfect Catwoman would say haha. I had fun and I hope the residents did too, hope to see more of Ludlow at the 3rd and final DIY (Do it Yourself).

Here's a link on where to find these mask's

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