Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SVA 2nd Annual Kickball Classic!

The 2nd Annual SVA Kickball Classic was held on Sunday March 24th. Residents from Ludlow joined RA Brent and headed over to the softball fields at the East River Park.  We met up with residents from all the other Residence halls at SVA and had an awesome game of Kickball!  We split in to two teams and battled through a bunch of super exciting innings of game play!  Everyone that showed up and endured the chilly temperatures had a great time hanging out, playing ball, and getting to know people from other buildings at our school!  In the end, the score was 10 – 4 and every single person from Ludlow played like a boss!  Way to represent Ludlow guys!

Chillin out after the game!

Ludbloods heading out to represent 
What you know about welcome mat bases? #thanks b&b 
Putting the Teams Together 
Saving Lost Animals! #animal activists

SIDE NOTE!  Apart from playing Kickball, Two residents from Ludlow came across a lost Parrot! They ended up bringing the helpless bird to a Pet Store during the kickball game, and using the tag attached to its foot, helped find the owners of this lost pet! Way to have good morals people! 

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