Friday, December 14, 2012

Alice Loves Youtube

So if you have been on the 5th floor and read the bulletin you would probably know that I like to watch random videos on youtube. My choice in videos vary depending on the mood.  I will share a few:

1. Stress reliever video:  fun or cute cat/baby movies:

2.  When you get bored: Are you familiar with "Virtual Barbershop?" It has been around for many years, but I will post it here for those who haven't tried this one out (you need a headphone or earphone)

3. Jimmy Kimmel's "I told my Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" (I find 1:27-1:29 the most hilarious!)


4. good for insomnia (it is educational but it is educational)

5. Susan Boyle- Britain's Got Talent 2009 ( makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it)

6. Class of 99, Wear Sunscreen (touching, inspirational, and nostalgic)

Enjoy~! I will continue to post some more youtube movie clips later on in the blog :))

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