Tuesday, December 18, 2012

get your deals here!

So I'm a huge fan of saving money.  I am alll for coupons, sales, and haggling for a good deal.

Yes I have seen the show extreme couponing!!  I think they are all fabulous, crazy and yeah sure sometimes wasteful, but they know how to get some things at a really really low price!

When I hear about a discount website I cant help but tell everyone I know and also sign up to every single one of them. So here I am sharing with you all a few of my favorite websites which share amazing deals.

  1. HauteLook.com - Every day there is a new deal and it usually is only good for a few days and you can get deal on a whole mess of things not just clothes or shoes
  2. Fab.com - Same as HauteLook but they usually last a bit longer, you can get deals on a whole range of things and its awesome for gifts! 
  3. Zennioptical.com - Deals on glasses/sunglasses are usually permanent and longer lasting than a week

Here are some examples of things you can find on the websites!




Happy savings!!!

p.s. ive ordered from all of these sites and can attest to their awesome customer service!

WARNING: these websites are all very addicting. proceed with caution

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