Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RA on the Record: Bethany Altschwager

Ludlow is one very diverse community. We have students from different colleges, interns and more. Within that we don't only have undergrad students but we actually have a whole floor dedicated to graduate students. The leader of that pack is Bethany and she sure knows a thing or two about student life. Not only has she already gone through it once as an undergrad but she then worked in a private high school for four years dealing with student drama over and over. Now she's on the Art Therapy course and is loving it. When she isn't hiking or plunging into freezing rivers, you can find her watching cult classics and eating burgers (vegetarian of course!).

Adam: Hi Bethany
Bethany: Hi Adam
A: How're you today?
B: I'm doing well and yourself?
A: I'm pretty good. So you've become known at Ludlow as the 'film library'.
B: That's very true.
A: What would you say is your all time favourite movie?
B: My all time favourite movie or all time favourite 'good' movie?
A: Let's do both.
B: Favourite movie of all time is the Rocky Horror Picture Show and my favourite good movie is Casablanca
A: Have you been to one of those dress up Rocky Horror Picture Shows?
B: I've been many times including with the Ludlowians last month. I've actually been in one of them as a tranny. It basically meant running around in my underwear and dancing and singing.
A: So how does it feel being the Grad RA?
B: Well there's just the general weirdness of being in a dorm after not living in one in awhile. It's also weird being the only Grad RA. Remember when the Head of Student Affairs asked if there were any and I was the only one who raised my hand? I felt a little singled out there but I really like my floor and the other grad students are great.
A: What's your funniest story from undergrad?
B: My roommate was from Florida so when she came to Sarah Lawrence, she hadn't experience snow before. The first time it properly snowed I took her sledding and we ended up building a snow woman. She had a large butt and big breast and we used skittles for her 'parts'. It was really funny but the next day we went back and someone had destroyed her which was sad.
A: What was she called?
B: I think she was called Snowbunny after the playboy bunnies.
A: Would you rather be a playboy bunny or the president of the US?
B: I would rather be the president. The Hugh Hefner thing doesn't appeal to me.
A: Even though he's really rich?
B: No, just doesn't appeal to me.
A: Well what can the Ludlowians look forward to from you?
B: Clearly the films. If they're interested in exploring the vegetarian 'thing' or just general how to's I'm here. I'm also just willing to listen and help anyone out.
A: Well we should go get some ice-cream !
B: We should.
A: Thanks Bethany!

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