Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Mein Valentine

Please excuse me while I go vom/cry in my corner.  Now dont get me wrong! I love LOVE.  The idea of being in love with someone, BEING in love with someone, and allll of the things that come with it.  But im not gonna lie to you, Valentines day has never been my cup of tea.  Too many forced displays of love, too much red, not enough chocolate.  Do I sound like a bitter old lady yet?? ;)

As this lovely holiday rolls around its really impossible to ignore all the valentines day cards that people post.  Funny ones, Serious ones, and down right creepy/weird ones.  Here are a few of my favorites for you to send to your friends, loved one, future valentine, or just keep to yourself.

For all you single people out there: Im 169% (see what I did there? ew) down to have a pal-entines day, gal-entines day, anti-valentines day, or regular day of eating pizza and stuffing my face with chocolate. Hit me up if youre down, Im in room 1905 :).

ENJOY!! <3

P.S.  This website makes and super cute and funny Valentines Day Cookies.  Buy some for yourself, for your loved one, or for me!

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