Monday, February 18, 2013

Read or Not to Read?


Many, if not all of us, are required to read a book or two in our humanity classes (HLD), but who has the time? With finals approaching and deadlines to meet who wants to spend any amount of valuable time sitting down to read?

I know how you feel and I have a better solution for you then just skimming Spark notes. One word...


I had completely forgotten this was an option for awhile and once I remembered I haven't picked up a book since. It's quicker and easier to sit down and do other class work while listening to a book verses reading.

Here is a link to 500 different classical novels you can get for free!

Here are but a few readings that they offer that could be required for class.

Canterbury Tales  
The Divine Comedy
A Tale of Two Cities 

And if your just looking for something to listen to as you work on your homework in you room  Here are a few I've listened to and recommend.

The Chronicles of Narnia (All 7 Books)
Les Misérables

And remember, if you like the story support the author/publishing company by buying the book!

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