Sunday, February 3, 2013

HBO: Girls

Before the Golden Globes Award Ceremony in January, I had never heard of the show Girls. When I found out that this show had won two Golden Globes I was automatically drawn to find out what this show was about. Two days after the GGAC I was glued to my computer watching Girls Season 1. I can proudly admit that I watched a whole season of this show in less then a day ( 5 hours). I do wish that the each episode had been longer at least 1 hour long each. So that I could have spent 10 hours of my day watching this awesome show!

Three days later after watching the whole first season of Girls I was already starting the Second Season of the show. All I can say is that you need to watch this.  As students that now live in New York city, we must watch this because there's so much that we can relate to it. It's almost like the new Sex in the City, but in Brooklyn!! There's just so much that I can relate to with this show: the drama, the sex, the struggle, and the survival of living in New York City.

Check it out! HBO on Sundays, or watch it on HBO GO the next day.

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