Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sugar Sweet Sunshine's Little Secret

Since I moved to Ludlow I have developed a strong love for many of the foods that can be found right around the corner from where we live. If you know me, you know I'm all about finding good food, I was recently introduced to a bakery down the street.

I can’t lie; recently I have developed a strong bond with the bakers at “Sugar Sweet Sunshine” our neighborhoods bakery. Many of you probably know of this bakery for their delicious cupcakes and cookies, but I am obsessed with it for another reason, Banana Pudding.  I fancy myself as a connoisseur of Banana pudding; I have tried it from numerous bakeries all over the east coast.  It is with this vast knowledge of banana pudding that I can happily say that Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s Banana Pudding is some of the best that I have ever had.   Seriously that stuff is finger licking good, in fact, I think you should go eat some right now… go around the corner and buy some of that deliciously creamy stuff, your welcome.  You can find the bakery at 126 Rivington Street right around the corner!

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Alexander Kinaj said...

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the best across the board hands down... From cakes, puddings, cupcakes and pies they are the best and always will be. Props to Debra Weiner & Peggy Williams for being hands on owner operators.. That's why their the best!!!