Friday, February 1, 2013

Munch & Inventing Abstraction in MoMa


On Jan 25, we headed to MoMa for two special exhibitions- Munch and Inventing Abstraction.  The Munch show highlighted many of his paintings, including a preliminary study of one of his famous paintings of "Scream," It was amazing to get a glimpse of the artist's process work, which shows the artist's period of contemplation in deciding shapes, lines, and colors before finally producing the piece that would continually be seen as his masterpiece for centuries.

     "Inventing Abstraction" features the burst of
the abstractionist movement, staring from Picasso's paintings in a period of cubism, which  gave rise to the abstractionist movement to that of Kandinsky, when the movement was in a full bloom.
     Both shows are scheduled to be on until the middle of April, which fortunately allows enough time to check out these amazing works. It is definitely worth checking out. I highly recommend to those who are especially interested in the modern art.

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