Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Little Adventurer in Me

Growing up on a military base, us army brats would naturally befriend each other being that we were the only kids around and went to school together. Outside of school we would play and explore till the street lights went on. It was a very safe neighbor hood, gated and patrolled by the MP's (Military Police). I would go everywhere and explore this and that! The place that my friends and I would visit the most was the forest across the street from me behind my friends house. There was a small stream that flowed through the woods, and paths that ran along the hill perfect for walking along. At that age I didn't care about poison ivy or oak, or even ticks. I was too into the exploring and the thrill of the adventure! I was like that little girl in the beginning of the pixar movie Up. So spontaneous and carefree. Outside the woods I was the total opposite, quite and shy. 

To this day I go exploring anywhere I can. In the city it's kinda hard because a lot of areas are off limits and well not really all that interesting. But when I'm home I borrow my Mom's car and round up who ever is home or free and go to some of my favorite spots! I mostly go to Salisbury Miles where you can find a rather high and large train trestle that crosses the valley. 

One time during the day my friends and I walked across the trestle, it took a while and we were pretty lucky that no trains came. It was dangerous and stupid but hey I'm an adventurer haha. It was an amazing view! We actually came back a few days after during the night, we took the trail through the forest which was super creepy and fun! We all had flashlights and I had my camera and used my flash very often to get a peek of what was in front of us while we stumbled through the dark. We saw deer staring at us from a distance with their glowing yellow eyes, it was so creepy. I miss exploring back home but my life is an adventure and I have many things I wish to explore and experience! 

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