Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sub-freezing temperatures, rain, snow that lacks the decency to stick to the ground, early sunsets, and fog. February is gray. There is no side-stepping this issue. If February had an iPod it would play a depressing mix of funeral dirges, 90's alternarock, and The Pianist soundtrack. February, in all of its grayness, makes getting out of bed in the morning an upsetting proposition and causes you to seriously consider hibernation as a viable alternative. Faced with gray you can resign yourself to a month of sweatpants, snooze buttons, and angst or take steps to snap the hell out of it. "There is life outside your apartment and you're only gonna see it if you leave."

The first step, which I took recently, is to create a playlist of songs that get you on your feet and out the door. Not matter how kitschy, overplayed, or cliche, if it gets you moving its good enough. Might I recommend any of the following:

1. Shake it Out- Florence + the Machine
2. Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Get Over It- OK Go
4. F**k You- Cee Lo Green
5. Hey Ya- Outkast
6. Canned Heat- Jamiroquai
7. Hot Stuff- Donna Summer
8. Bulletproof- La Roux
9. Stayin' Alive- Tragedy
10. You Sexy Thing- Hot Chocolate
11. Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
12. I'm Just a Girl- No Doubt
13. Come on Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
14. Sugar Daddy- Hedwig and the Angry Inch Soundtrack
15. Blister in the Sun- Violent Femmes

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