Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Runway (1)

For this month of Project Runway, we watched the episode 2 of the Season 11 (the all new episodes!!)
Arrietty, Renshou, and Lina joined me in the community room and we enjoyed an hour long show of pure drama and finished/unfinished garments unfold. Unlike the previous seasons of Project Runway which majority of them were based on individual tasks, this season is strictly set into a group project, much like the apprentice. The winning team is rewarded with all their members being qualified to move onto the next round, with an additional immunity given to one specific designer who came up with a wining design. The losing team on the other hand, must face a verdict on a runway and let go a member of their team in the end. The drama, pressure, and stress of it all!!
It was refreshing experience to put on a different hat and just seat back and watch artists working hard to create art pieces and critique their work and have discussion on who is going to be a winner and who is most likely to leave.
There will be a second round of Project Runway season 11 in a month from now on February 28th at 9:00 PM!! If you like the show and want to join us,  you know when to come to the community room and find me!! :)

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