Sunday, January 27, 2013

Attack of the Spicy Rizzak!

We all know that there are tons of awesome places to eat around our building, in fact there so many food places around that many times great places to eat can go unnoticed.
I often fall in to the rut of eating at the same places around Ludlow like Wolf Nights, Hummus Shop, or Hi Thai.  Recently I decided to venture out and tried something new, and it just so happened to be flippin awesome.  Last week I headed over to a sandwich shop right down the street that really took me by surprise! The shop is called Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop right around the corner at 129 Rivington Street and Norfolk (Go there right now and order the Spicy Rizzak, your welcome).  

This sandwich shop offers a great menu with tons of items that are all under $10. Aside from their great prices and large servings, they have a great variety of homemade soda (my favorite thing on earth).  I really have nothing but good things to say about this place, the food is great, the portions are big, and the staff is super nice, so go check it out!  

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