Friday, January 18, 2013

Shopping in the New Year

Shopping in the New Year

The Atlantic Mall

Now that we've begun a new year, a smart resolution is to save money shopping for groceries, clothes, appliances, and all that good stuff. Shopping smart in NYC isn't easy. Trader Joe's is a great option for food - especially produce, but another option a lot of us forget about is Target! Target sells super cheap canned goods, frozen meals, boxed food (like cereal), and tons more.

The Atlantic mall in Brooklyn, is where the nearest Target is located. It's actually just 2 stops towards Brooklyn on the B/D train. You can get to the B/D train by walking to Grand street. Keep a look out this month for a trip I will be hosting to the Atlantic mall! Some of the great stores in the mall include Target, DSW, Payless, Marshalls, Victoria's Secret, and many more. Not to mention, there's a huge Guitar Center for any musicians out there!

If you don't make it to the Atlantic mall trip soon-to-come, it's completely worth finding the time to check out the mall, and explore some of Brooklyn!

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