Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Memos From Nicole: Heaters & Beds!

Dear Ludlowdians,

As you have noticed, it is freezing outside!  There have been a high number of TMA requests for heater repairs. 

ALWAYS keep your heater on, even if it's just on low.   We had a pipe burst today and completely flood a room and their belongings. By keeping your heater on, even on low, it will prevent your pipes from freezing.  Frozen pipes will burst and could flood your room, cause room damages to your room and rooms below you, and destroy your heater.  Heating coils cost at minimum $150 to replace, and this will be billed against your deposit should you ignore this warning.   

Many of you also have your beds up against your heaters.  Unfortunately, we are requiring that all of you to rearrange your room to not have your bed against your heater.  Should there be an emergency, maintenance cannot get to the window or heater.  Moving all of your belongings is too much an obstacle for our maintenance staff.  If your bed is against your window and heater, please rearrange it by February 1.  Sorry for the inconvenience, put it's better for all of you in the long run should anything happen in your room.


Nicole Shillings
Residence Hall Director

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