Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RA on the Record: Alice Jeong

Being from a different country on the Ludlow RA Team always catches me out one way or another. From not knowing a certain phrase or having seen a particular show but luckily I am not alone. RA Alice is my fellow international mate. She always has a smile on her face and will stop to help anyone with any problem they have. Alice can come across as a little bunny but once you know her she is really a big grizzly bear ready to strike! 

Adam: Hey Alice, what's up?
Alice: I'm good.
Ad: Let's dive in, so you're from Canada but South Korea originally?
Al: Yes, Toronto specifically.
Ad: Why did you want to come to NYC?
Al: That's a good question.
Ad: Thanks haha, I try my best with the good questions.
Al: It's funny because I never really thought about NYC being the dream city. It was after I got into SVA that New York became real to me. Before that it was just this illusion but then I researched it and found out about all the galleries and resources and I thought yes I'm coming this way.
Ad: What's your favourite part about New York?
Al: You can go anywhere in Manhattan with a metrocard. In Canada you need a car to get around and I don't have a car but here you can just hop on the subway and everything is so accessible. It's really cool.
Ad: Apart from a car, what are three things you really want?
Al: I would like to have an apartment, travel round the world and I'd like a job that I enjoy.
Ad: Very smart choices.
Al: Thank you. Oh and a good husband! I'll find one. haha
Ad: What's your earliest memory?
Al: (thinks for awhile) What's your earliest memory?
Ad: I'm asking you!
Al: Um. I don't know if it is my earliest but I remember I accidentally dipped my feet in a bowl of hot soup and I started crying. My parents were panicking and not sure what to do.
Ad: Do you have a phobia of soup now?
Al: No.
Ad: If that was me I would! What can the Ludlowdians look forward to from you?
Al: I've been through a lot coming from Korea and adjusting to a new culture and language. So if anyone is having difficulty to adjusting they can always come to me and talk about it!
Ad: I hear you're also pretty badass with the old rice cooker.
Al: Yeah come to me in 505 and I'll teach you some neat recipes.
Ad: We should go make some rice now!
Al: Let's do it!
Ad: Thanks Alice.

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