Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ludlow Collective

I hope everyone has had an awesomely relaxing break!! Ludlow Collective is coming back with some changes!  Back into your minds, hearts, and your building!

So we'll still be having Model Nights and Gallery Nights but we are going to be changing up the meetings that we have together.  The Collective is for you guys to have events and things that YOU want at Ludlow.  As long as we can pay for it and it's possible... aka no we cant make the basement into a gigantic pool... sorry.

If you've always wanted to do a dorm wide movie marathon, foosball tournament, video game tournament or anything else, this is the place to come and make that dream a reality! Start dreaming or keep on dreaming, come to Ludlow Collective every first Thursday of the month and we'll work together to make your dreams a reality! 

I'll leave you with this really cute dog and cat :)

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