Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freeze Tag On Wall Street

Try and spot Normal Guy aka Jo on the front lines!

Freeze Tag on Wall Street

It's plain and simple, if you didn't make it to this year's Freeze Tag on Wall Street you missed out. I know getting out of bed on a Sunday afternoon in the winter is probably one of the hardest things to do in life (even I was skeptical and grumpy waking up for this event), but I am so glad that Paris, Sierra, Sam, Rza, and Normal Guy "aka Jo" joined me for this awarding adventure.

At the event we all enjoyed playing childhood games with people from all over New York City. We played block tag, freeze tag, and wolf rock and sheep. There was a lot of people of all ages that showed up to the event. It was great to be outside and to be active. We ran, A LOT. We literally played 3 straight hours of "recess" games. Not only did we get to enjoy mindless fun, but we got to meet people outside of the SVA community. Meeting people in New York City who are looking to have a fun time sans alcohol is a pretty awesome experience.

After running around all afternoon Paris and Sierra joined me in walking around the Wall Street area. We admired the buildings and the area. The financial district is really quite beautiful. I don't know why I don't go down their more often. The buildings are really close together (very European-esque) and there's a lot of cobblestone paths as well adding to the European flair. We also randomly witnessed the filming of a Japanese movie. It was really cool!

I haven't had this much pure fun in a while. It was a great stress reliever. Thanks for coming everyone! Also, thank you to Levy's Unique New York for a great idea and event. Look for more awesome free events in New York City at:

Paris and Sierra filming Titanic on Wall St.

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