Monday, October 20, 2014

Archtober is here!

When you think of October you probably think of falling leaves, pumpkins, ghosts and maybe beer but in the city there is also Archtober! It is a celebration of architecture and design in New York City and lasts all month long. There are activities, programs, exhibitions and tours throughout the festival and to find out more information you can visit their site here.

One of my favourite parts of Archtober is the 'Building of the Day'. They choose a famous building, whether it's modern or more traditional, and offer a tour of it. It really gives an insight into some of New York's famous landmarks that otherwise you might never get to step foot in. Although some are obvious choices like The Met, there are unusual ones like the original Shake Shack and police buildings. 

They also have many speakers and show various films during a film festival portion in the month. For more information on this portion you can go here.

NYC is known for having a very popular and lively art community but I personally feel the architecture side isn't as appreciated or even known about. That's why it's nice to have these kind of celebrations where people can learn more and enjoy it.

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