Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dogs in Costumes?!

It's now officially October aka possibly my favourite month. I love how crisp the weather gets, how every food/drink item is now pumpkinified and then of course Halloween! One of my top things to do this month is to check out the Tompkins Halloween Dog Parade!

Just round the corner from Ludlow is Tompkins Square Park. Every Halloween (like a few days before), they do a dog costume parade and judging event. It normally brings hundreds of different dogs all dressed in the cutest and wackiest costumes around. They do a mini parade around the park and then there are judges who award the best of the best.

Here is the website for more information HERE and this year it is on Saturday the 25th at noon. Maybe I'll see you there?!

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Rabin said...

I love my dog.I want my dog keep cute by dressing it up.So I look for a comfortable costume for my dog it can move as it likes,not feels bothering.