Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back to Ellis Island After 94 Years

The other week I had finally gotten a chance to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I thought that since I'm still here in NYC I should at least visit them once or twice before I move away or something. It was $18 for the whole thing, which didn't include going up into the statue. The boat ride was nice It was a little packed but it was a beautiful day.

Seeing Lady Liberty was nice but I really wanted to see Ellis Island. My Great Grandfather came to America in the 1920's: Timothy Cronin and his three brothers. I'm a third generation American! I was never a history kinda guy, that's my Father and twin brother, but eventually grew with curiosity. I wanted to find out where I came from, who came here to America and started a life here for my family. With the team work of my Father and we tracked my Father's side of the family. We even found the boat that they came on! 

This is the SS. Baltic, the ship that my ancestors took to come here from Ireland in the 1920s.

Here we see my Great Grandfather, Timothy Cronin, you can't miss him. Tall dude in the middle! HAHA

Ellis Island was amazing and I wish I had more time to explore more of it! They have a second part but it was closed off. Most of the Island is actually land fill, crazy right? It was originally a small sand bar. 

Ellis Island in 1854.

Being inside Ellis Island I couldn't imagine how crowded it was. I couldn't image what everyone went through there, or even the trip over seas. I have a lot of respect for my Great Grandfather and I want to learn more about where he came from, and if I have more family overseas in Doon,Ireland. One day I'll go back with my Dad and it'll be amazing.

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