Friday, October 24, 2014

Last minute Halloween plans!

Halloween is in a week and do you know what you're doing? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to go, what to do etc. New York takes up tons of our energy and time so maybe you haven't even thought about it yet? You still think we're in September don't you? Well time sure does fly but luckily for you here are some last minute Halloween plan ideas for the day and leading up to it!

First up - The Village Halloween Parade. This is a staple year round and is full of ghouls, witches, angels, Miley Cyrus' galore. It goes on in the West Village around Washington Square Park area and is a ton of fun. I'd get there early as crowds can be big but everyone is dressed up and in the spirit so it's a great time. Here are some photos so you can get excited! More info is available here.

Another free and public event is The Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla. This one is on the Sunday before up in Central Park. It's a younger event but definitely fun to watch. The idea is that you bring a carved pumpkin to the pond and then they set it sail amongst tons of other pumpkins. It makes for an interesting visual and experience. Some great photo opportunities here! More info here.

Something a little more pricey is The Haunted Pumpkin Garden at the NY Botanical Gardens. You just have to pay for entry to the garden and then they have a special section just for Halloween. It features pumpkins galore, spooky cutouts and activities. There are carving demos, sculptures made out of pumpkins and more. Info is here.

This one is right near us here at Ludlow! It's called Nightmare NYC and is a haunted house based on scary stories from NYC. It's not as PG friendly as the other events haha but definitely a scary experience. You have to get tickets and it's running until November 1st. More info here.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of things to do. If you need even more inspiration check out NYC GO, Time Out NY and New York Times for other events!

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m.25disuza said...

Halloween party!! I just love Halloween NYC events. We all friends have lots of fun there. When I attended the event for the first time I got scared but now I enjoy Halloween very much. It is extremely enjoyable. Well your party pictures are rocking dear!