Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throw Your Art Out, It Sucks!

It's all the wrong colors, awkwardly composed, falling apart, taking up space and just plain ugly. And not in a good way. The image is so repulsive, you can't even be brought to approach it with gesso to reuse the surface. In the back of your mind, you'll always know what is lurking beneath... So throw it out!

Next Sunday (October 26) MoMA PS1 will be opening its exhibit, Art Amnesty:

"MoMA PS1 and Bob & Roberta Smith Invite You to Throw Your Art Away."

Catchy, right? It's a pretty simple process. You bring your disgrace to the art world (as long as it's no more that ten square feet or ten cubic feet and weigh no more than 150 lbs) and toss it into one of the dumpsters set up in the courtyard.

Can't quite let go just yet? Bring it upstairs and a curator will hang it with all the other garbage. The trade-off is that you sign a pledge to never want to see the work again and/or make art again. Those who promise to never make art again get a badge that says "I am no longer an artist." Whether or not this is worth more than your BFA diploma may be debated.

The exhibit will be open through March 8, just in time for Spring Cleaning.

Click here to read more on the exhibit via MoMA PS1

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