Monday, November 17, 2014

Cat Cafe opening down the road!

That's right. You heard me. A cat cafe (just like those in Asia) is opening in NYC. The best part? It's opening down the road on Hester St between Ludlow and Essex. Mind officially blown.

The Meow Parlour is opening this December and will consist of two areas. The first will be essentially a treat cafe with coffee, brownies, cookies, cat shaped cakes etc. The second will be the playroom full of kitties. Everything is pretty decently priced and for cat time it's $4 for half an hour or $30 for five hours. All the cats are from KittyKind (a non-profit cat rescue organisation) and therefore if you fall in love, you can adopt him/her!

I'm not really a full on cat person but I'll definitely be checking this out. It's one of those soon to be unique NYC experiences and the first food-feline place in NYC. For more info check out their site here. And I guess I'll see you there in December!

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