Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is this THURSDAY! Whoooooooohooooooooo!

What to do on Thanksgiving? In my personal opinion, Thanksgiving is a time for family and relaxing, meaning you can wait to go shopping. Save it for Black Friday... that's what that is there for.

There are just so many amazing things to do on Thanksgiving though!

1) Spend time with family! If you don't like family...see numbers below.

2)Watch football! It is a tradition that on Thanksgiving that the Detroit Lions and The Cleveland Browns play- not necessarily against each other, but on Thanksgiving day.

3) EAT! Food brings family and friends together. Food is what makes the world go round. Now... if you don't like family, friends, or just don't have friends... then stuff your face in food! There is a danger in eating so much food though. Besides weight gain... SLEEPINESS WILL FALL UPON YOU! It is scientifically proven that the combination of turkey and gravy releases chemicals in the body that puts people to sleep!

4) Sleep! Now you want to sleep... then please refer back to number: 3 or 1 (given the family)

5) Shovel snow. Depending upon where you are in the continental US, you may have 10 feet of snow above you. So if none of the above tickles your fancy... go be productive and shovel snow. This will get you on your good side with parent. If you live alone, it will be a good thing to get off your chest and it will be very therapeutic.

In all seriousness... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Gobble Gobble!    :)

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