Monday, November 3, 2014

Gallery Night

Hey gang!

If you couldn't come out with us to see some galleries last week here is some information about the shows we saw! 

JUNIOR PROJECTS is pleased to present “Radio Paintings,” a solo exhibition of new paintings by
Matthew Fischer. This is the artist’s first solo show at the gallery.
Matthew Fischer’s “Radio Paintings” begin with a written word (lran, Autism, NATO) sourced
from the deluge of language on NPR, which he listens to in the studio. For Fischer, the infinite
flow of information via radio waves is anxiety producing both in its abundance and
ceaselessness. The word he selects breaks down into letters, which then devolve into simple
forms. These forms are a launching point, first marks from which to begin the painting and also
inform future compositional decisions, colors, and marks. The initial source word remains an
intrinsic part of the painting whether visible or not. In this way, Fischer doesn’t necessarily paint
the meaning of the word as much as use the word as a formal device.

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is pleased to present, “Steven,” the first solo exhibition of work at the
gallery by Nick Doyle.
* * *
Doyle grew up in Los Angeles, in what he describes as “a space of double history” — an
environment suffused with cinematic memories not his own through which he nevertheless
found himself projecting his own semi-cinematic fantasies. “My psyche was fused with an
awareness of my own image as if I were not only in these films but that my life could be
understood as if it were a movie,” he says. “Mood, lighting, stage, set, became the structure of
my memory and the terms within which my perspective is informed.” Over time, he came to
see even those narrative tools foreign to him as the most useful ones with which to explore and
push back against self-alienation, and “to confront the viewer,” he says, “with the position of

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