Monday, November 3, 2014

The Mac Bar...Yummy

Hey Lower East Siders! Do you lie Mac and Cheese? I know... dumb question. In Soho, which is just a short walk west from Ludlow, there is cool little place called the Mac Bar! They specialize in all sorts of different macaroni and cheese dishes. Everything from a classic, to a four cheese mac, to a even lobster mac and cheese! I believe there is even a hamburger mac and cheese!

I ate there once literally about three years ago then the ot
her day I walked past it and the memory of savory, yummy and gooey cheese reinvigorated my tastebuds. I remember they even serve the meals to you in a giant macaroni container! You use to be able to take them home... not sure if you're allowed anymore.

Fortunately! With modern technology, and the answer to all prayers, the Mac Bar is on Seamless! So on that rainy day you can get the comfort food of your childhood.

There website is very cool too! Check it out and you'll understand the amazingness of the Mac Bar.

LOCATION: Prince Street and Lafayette

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