Monday, November 17, 2014

You should be going to Model NIght!

Last Tuesday we had Ludow's second Model Night, our model Cesar was a wonderful model and even implemented a pool stick into his poses which made for dynamic drawings. Everyone who went had a great time and the practice always helps. Next model night is going to be on the ninth of December at seven PM sharp, if you plan to join us please be considerate of the model and show up at least five minutes ahead of time so that we won't have people going through the curtains while the model is working.  Having a live model is a great way to practice and obtain an understanding of weight in a subject that you just can't get from looking at photographs. Drawing from real life can be a bit frustrating at times, especially if you're doing it while on the subway or in a park, people just keep moving and you aren't able to fully capture the persons likeness from the short about of time that you have. Model night is a free event offered by Ludlow where you can sit down and relax while drawing a still model, it's a good breather from upcoming finals. If you have some free time consider Ludlow's Model Night next month!!

Next Model Night
December, 9, 2014
in the ludlow basement 

-RA Desiree

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