Thursday, November 6, 2014

Smorgasburg is ending!

To understand Smorgasburg you first need to know what a smorgasbord is. A smorgasbord is a variety of a certain thing e.g. food, clothes, activities. So Smorgasburg is a market in Brooklyn on the weekends that features over 100 food/drink vendors. It started in the summer and the last weekend is coming up at the end of the month so you have to get there quick! On Saturdays it is in Williamsburg at the East River State Park and on Sundays at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

It's pretty much a foodie paradise with all different eclectic foods and drinks. Most of the places have flagship stores around Brooklyn/Manhattan and are there just to supply samples and get you all hyped up. Every week a few places differ but there are some staples who are always there. One of which is the famous 'Ramen Burger' as well as Dough and the Bruffin. Have no idea what any of those are? Then you need to get to Smorgasburg as they are bloody delicious.

For more information check out their website here and happy eating!

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