Monday, November 24, 2014

Leaving For The Holidays Checklist

Hey residents heres just a reminder that if you are leaving the building to go home for the thanksgiving holidays to turn on your heater and close your windows. But before you're off to stuff yourself full of turkey, heres a checklist of things you might want to do so that when you return you're free of chores and ready to push through finals!

  • Turn on your heater and close your window- I can't emphasize this enough, if it gets to cold your pipes could freeze and then burst. Coming home to a flooded room is not fun. 
  • Do your laundry- Clean clothes are really nice and so is clean underware. It's good to get it all out of the way as soon as possible. Maybe even wash your sheets? How long has it been since you've washed those?
  • Clean your room- Push out the clutter, sweep the floor, dust off your shelves, throw out your garbage, wash any dirty dishes. There, now doesn't that feel a lot better and when you come back you can just lay down and chill. 
  • Clean your bathroom- You poop in there, that should be reason enough to want to clean this place. 
  • Water your plants- If you're like me and have tons of floral friends make sure to give them some substance before you go. I'm sure they would appreciate it a lot more then pumpkin pie. 
  • Do any Homework that you can finish here- Why worry about homework when you're trying to enjoy yourself? Finish any homework you you know can be done as soon as possible.
  • Don't forget to bring homework-  Lets be realistic here you won't be able to do all your homework before you go, nothings worse than realizing once your home that theres a paper due Monday on a book you have yet to read.  So bring that book with you so you can get it done, hopefully. 
  • Pack- Don't forget to pack all the things you need for going home, aren't you glad you did laundry? You have a lot more clothes than you realized.
  • Say bye to your bathroom mate-  Its something nice to do, I'm sure they would really appreciate it. Consider it. 
  • Look at what the weather is going to be like before you go- If you're going far away look at what the weather is going to be like in your destination, especially if you're traveling to a place thats known to be warm.Unless you still live in the upper east coast or Minnesota or something.  I assure you, you will not be using shorts anytime soon. Put those thighs away.
-RA Desiree 

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