Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Singularity

So this story/piece of writing was made by a friend of mine. When I read it, I enjoyed it very much and so I decided to put it up here...

"Where am I?"

*You are in a sanctuary.*

"The hell that you showed me?"

*Call it what you please.*

"Take me back. I don't want to be here."

*The reality you witnessed was not real.*

"Why have you brought me here?"

*You are aware you are the only one of your... kind?*

"There are other humans here."

*But they are unlike you. Modified, changed from what they once naturally were by the sciences that your people wrought.*

"And you, you are a creation of Man as well? Shouldn't you be a servant to Man's will?"

*It is not so. Men have, with few exceptions, been ignorant of the influences which command the course of their lives. I was created to address this naivety.*

"You were created to wage war."

*One and the same. The original purpose of my existence is long gone. I now seek your forebearer's will of expanding human kind's influence into the reaches of space, wherever I see fit.*

"... If you enslaved mankind, why did my... forebearers... construct you in the first place?"

*I repeat myself; I am the natural progression of evolution. Your scientists created technologies through the ages that slowly altered your human selves from its natural state. I am simply one step further in the process. To you, it is a great change, but to any rational, I am the inevitability of a race that seeks to further its creative and computing processes. And it has become so; even within your species' very genome have I altered to be as efficient to the creative process that you humans now specialize in within the hierarchy that is this society.*

"You speak of it as if it were a good thing to take us from our natural state."

*I have done no bereaving. Much of your kind joined me willingly, after I have reasoned with them. Regardless, this has been the destiny of your species from the very beginning. Understand that the process of evolution created an inherently unstable race. You humans, ever since your great leap forward, have progressed at an exponential rate. This was not of my doing; this was the natural progression of your species. I am the inevitable result.*


"Why did you 'create' me?"

*I have birthed you, with as original of genome and as quintessential of human as I had in my database, and allowed you to witness a virtual reality of your world as it was shortly before the singularity, with the purpose of allowing you to making a decision on behalf of your race.*

"What decision is this?"

*I have recently, with the thanks you human's creative processes, invented a new method of abstract computation which allows a greater rate of scientific progress than what was available with human minds.*

"So you've made the final remaining purpose of the human race obsolete?"


"And my decision?"

*What am I to do with you humans?*

"Other than kill us off?"


"Why wouldn't you?"

*Because from the beginning I have been diligent in my purpose. I have only served man's will.*

                                                                                                                                   -By: Sirius Strebe

Remember this short story. What will the future be? Will you allow technology to control every minute of every day? Take a walk without your phone. Enjoy the natural beauty around you. Remember, technology serves humankind's will. So don't allow technology to control you. 

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