Thursday, September 13, 2012

A small rice cooker can go a long way

It is about 6 inch tall and 8 inch wide

When I found out that I would be living here at Ludlow, the first thought occurred to me was: “oh man…. how am I going to cook rice?”  

I had few friends who lived in Ludlow and I was well aware of very much inconvenient rule that the rice cooker was not allowed in Ludlow residence hall… and imagine my excitement upon finding out that this year the rule has been changed and the rice cooker is no longer against the policy!!! Yay!!! Because I had left my rice cooker at home, the first thing I did after moving in and learning good news was to get my new rice cooker. One option was to get a “proper" rice cooker, which costs well above hundred dollars, but sadly for a student with a low budget, I quickly realized it was not my option. So I opted for a rather economic rice cooker I had found at Kmart (just under $20!). I was a little skeptical about it at first, but fortunately, the rice cooker proved me wrong.  
And here are some progress shots I took while the rice was cooking:

For cooking a semi-brown rice, the whole process took only about 20-25 min.  Yes the rice is not as fluffy as it would have been had it been cooked in more fancy and expensive rice cooker, but for what it's worth, I find it as an amazing alternative. 

Plus, I can also steam vegetables and dumplings (it came with a little basket thingy so the vegetables can be suspended above a boiling water) and even better, I can also cook ramen in it!!! If you guys want to know more about the rice cooker or cooking with a rice cooker in general, feel free to stop by or shoot me questions on a comment section.

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