Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ludlow Collective Gallery Night

The Ludlow Collective met up for the second time last week to go see some brand spanking new gallery shows! NYC is the center for upcoming artists and new talent.
If you want to find out about shows that are open now or soon to be then check out ArtCards.  Join the Collective on the second Thursday of October and well hit up some more awesome shows!  

Here are some images from our night!:
playing with the art
at "The Fall Show"

Alex, Samm, and Keyana at Salon 94
on Freeman's Alley. (missing Zarah)

naked man on the freight elevator
at "The Fall Show"

I definitely recommend every check out "The Fall Show" at the Greene Naftali gallery, West 26th and 10t ave.  The show is a very very very fun and unexpected interactive show.  I don't wanna ruin it for you but here is a picture of keyana playing with one of the pieces and an excerpt of the press release.  

"The viewer first enters the space to see an elegant yet uncanny sculpture – upon a curling fragment of old furniture hangs a worn bucket, the arrangement’s silhouette gracefully echoed on the gallery walls  ...  the viewer is invited to step on the pedal, at which moment the sculpture tumbles onto the floor. Thus the interactive and subversive nature of the show unveils itself."

Check it out when you have some free time and then hit up the High Line and enjoy a beautiful autumn day!! 

See you this Thursday at the model night! :) 

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