Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RA on the Record: Brent Philhower

The 20th floor is considered the 'penthouse suites' of Ludlow. It's no wonder some wild turtles and badass sharks have taken it over and made it their bitch. The leader of their gang is Brent, aka the RA of the twenteens. We met in the deep dark sewers to talk about seltzer water, hats and sundae's. At first sight Brent comes across as The Thing meets ultimate-bro but once you start chatting you'll find out he loves Cinderella and mini-golf. He was born and raised in Jersey but NYC is his new home away from home.

Adam: Hey Brent
Brent: Hey bud, what's up?
A: I'm good. Let's get straight into it, favourite food?
B: I love food. I really like a hero deli sub. I love Defonte's.
A: What's one thing you've always want to do in NYC?
B: I wanna learn how to bike in New York City. It's different ya know? Learning to get around in a safe manner and not crash into taxi's. I don't wanna be like 'meurghh coming through guys'. I wanna look smooth. 
A: Yeah I'm scared to bike in the city too but I know RA Mike does it all the time.
B: He's like Superman mixed with Ironman.
A: Talking about superheroes, what would your super power be?
B: (Laughs and looks to the side) Give me a second hah. I'd probably cut food in half 
with my hand.

A: What? 
B: Yeah it would look really cool but I dunno. Be like 'super chop'. (He imitates those action figures you click on the back and their arm does a karate chop move). Or I'd have like super burp which deafens people.
A: Oh so would you rather be deaf or blind?
B: Deaf. My profession is visual and I love seeing the ladies so I don't wanna miss out on that.
A: But you're off the market right?
B: Happily taken yeah.
A: Ok, so you receive a $100 for no reason, what do you do?
B: That's a good question Adam. Definitely go and buy a new hat and maybe a nice pair of mid-top Nikes. Probably bring my homies out to the bar for some drinks too.
A: I'm expecting an invite.
B: Fo sho!
A: What can the Ludlowians look forward to that you're gonna do?
B: I'm gonna walk around in my pyjamas a lot and I will shower on a frequent basis. Also I love when people come up to my room and help me drink my gallons of soda. 
A: Your room is pretty epic.
B: Yes it is. I will also challenge people to any game in the community room.
A: I'm gonna challenge you to pool right now then.
B: Bring it!
A: Cheers Brent
B: Anytime man! Let's go play!

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