Thursday, September 27, 2012

HOLY COW GUYS! Did you know Vincent Van Gogh was probably color blind?!

Sooo my older brother, Abel, is color blind. Thankfully, for him and for my sanity, he is not the kind of color blind that can't see any colors and just sees life in black and white. His color blind is the kind where he gets colors that have similar values confused like greens and browns as well as purples and blues.

 I say for my sanity because as an artist I feel that being color blind is one of THE worst things that can possibly happen to you (aside from losing your eyes and hands in a freak accident or getting carpal tunnel that is). What if you're painting and you think the color you mixed is a nice brown and you think it's a masterpiece and it's hanging up and then someone tells you the girl has olive green hair?!! Everyone will make fun of you that is what's gonna happen! But seriously.. it's one of my ultimate fears to suddenly realize I am color blind.

I am convinced you can't be a successful artist if you are. My fears aside; there is talk that Vincent Van Gogh might have been color blind. The image you see above is his famous starry night. One seen under regular lighting, the other seen under a chromatically filtered light. Read the rest of these articles about Van Gogh and his suspected colorblindness. As well as Monet's ultraviolet eye. Play around with the different apps and websites that let you see what a color blind person would see and thank the almighty heavens you don't have such a drastic color deficiency.

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