Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ludlow Genius Bar

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pintrest, Snail mail, Gmail, iPhone, text message, MySVA... there is so much technology to keep track of and there are so many ways to communicate. In case you missed it, the Ludlow Genius Bar hosted by RA Bethany, provided residents with an opportunity to:

- Get SVA and MTA alerts sent right to their phones
- Put SVA email into one account to check on a regular basis
- Add the Ludlow social calendar to their email or iPhone
- Get their student loan checks, schedules, bills, and other important school documents sent to their Ludlow in-boxes (instead of addresses out of state)
- Have a convenient card (in five stylish colors) with emergency numbers at your fingertips

Extra emergency cards will be available in the RA office during office hours.

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