Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forbidden Planet: Nerd Heaven

     I remember when my old friend Nelson brought me to Forbidden Planet for the first time. We grew up together watching all the same shows and cartoons and reading comics.  He actually became an Cartooning major at SVA. When we arrived I couldn't help but look and touch everything. You know when you go into a friends room and they have so many neat things and you find yourself looking around, well it was like that. 

In the old location, off Union Square, I would be sprawled out upstairs with all the Anime and Manga. But now, at it's new location, a few stores down, everything is out in the open and instead of having a cramped second floor it has a basement level. I really like the new store, it has a high ceiling and decorated to fit a dark wood modern look. It make us shoppers feel warm and welcome. 

     I really like the layout of the new store! If anyone likes Comics, Anime, Gaming, Toys, Books, and Sci Fi Merchandise you should really check it out!!!! 


Forbidden Planet
832 Broadway
New York
NY 10003
United States



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