Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High-school Musical

Recording my first CD at Lands Creek Recording Studios many years ago...

I was voted "most musical" as one of my senior superlatives in high school. I never performed in an actual "high school musical"; I did, however, actively play music all throughout high school. I wrote my first song for my 7th grade health class, and I recorded it to a tape with my 4-track tape recorder. That's practically vintage now! I won the high school talent show a few times; first time being my freshman year for a song I wrote about the Tsunami catastrophe of 2004. Throughout my high school years, I played several coffee houses, I played for events like pageants and weddings, and of course the talent show every year. 

Playing at a coffee shop at Nazareth College a few years back
The summer before my senior year, I went on a family vacation to visit my aunt living in North Carolina. She had always supported me and wanted me to professionally record my music. So, being the amazing aunt that she is, she paid for me to spend 2 days in a professional recording studio and track 5 of my songs. Of course when I listen to it now, I can only be amused at the many little flaws (that hopefully no one else notices) and the teenage-angsty topics I wrote about– as I was only 17 when this was recorded. I am proud that I can say I have a cd, even if it's 5 years old at this point! For anyone who's interested in hearing bits of it, you can preview the songs at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rebeccaliebert. If for some crazy reason anyone wants full songs, let me know and I'll hook you up! ;)

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