Friday, September 14, 2012

Ferry Ride to IKEA

RA Adam and RA Shaun had gotten 24 Ludlow Residents to join us on this BEAUTIFUL afternoon to IKEA. Even RHD Nicole had tagged along as well! That's like the President of Ludlow! We all set out for the M15 downtown to where we could caught the Taxi Ferry to the Brooklyn IKEA. Oh and did I forget to mention that it was FREE! As soon we arrived to IKEA both RA Adam and RA Shaun mentioned to the Ludlowians that they would both be taking the 4pm Ferry back to Manhattan if they weren't sure how to get back alone. Many of the Residents went straight to the cafeteria before setting out into the Maze of IKEA. Once you enter there's no turning back. Eventually it was time to wait for the Ferry Taxi and head back, it wasn't that long of a trip but it took alot outta of everyone. This program was very Successful and alot of our Residents had fun!

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