Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playing with Your Noggin

On Sunday the 16th at 7:00pm the Ludlow Community room was overtaken by uproarious, competitive, and nearly insane residents engaging in a life changing game of Cranium. RA Jessie hosted the rambunctious event and nearly lost her mind trying to claim the win with her equally competitive partner Brian.

Keyana & Joseph showing off their King Kong sketch.
At the beginning of the game, it seemed like team RA Adam would win, but in a surprise turn of events Brian and RA Jessie ended up in the gauntlet with RA Shaun, Kane, and Jennifer. While two teams were duking it out, Keyana and Joseph had yet to move past the starting line. Fortunately, Keyana's stunning drawn rendition of King Kong put them in the race.

After two hours of sweat, tears, and anguish the first Gang's Game Night had come to a close with a clear winning team. Congratulations RA Shaun, Kane, and Jennifer for the win! But no, I will not let you win next time. ;)

Join us on the next Gang's Game Night on Oct. 21st @ 7:00pm! Get ready to lose.

The Cranium Winners! (Kane, Jennifer, RA Shaun)
Tense thinking involved.
The beautiful artwork we ended up with.

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