Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mac & Cheese Wednesday!

   Wednesday September 5th was RA Shaun's first Mac & Cheese night! This event was a HUGE success! Ludlow Residents came down to the Common room and waited patiently for their share of that golden noodle! Everyone seemed so excited for this event and it makes us RA's of Ludlow very happy to see our Residents enjoying themselves! Unfortunately many of our Residents missed out on Wednesdays Mac & Cheese night. Luckily RA Shaun has two more Mac & Cheese programs lined up for this semester! 

Next Mac & Cheese Wednesday is October 10th 2012! There will be more Mac & Cheese this time around! I bring the Mac you bring the rest!

Save the date: October 10th @ 9PM in the Common Room! 

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