Monday, September 10, 2012

Ludlow Collective First Meeting

Ludlow Collective hosted their second event (YAY) and first meeting Thursday September 6th!

The Collective gets together every first Thursday of the month to just hang out or talk about any issues or ideas they have to improve the community within the building.

This past Thursday we had our first meeting!  There were a combination of undergrad and graduate SVA students, Kings College Students and NYC interns.  We had snacks and discussed a bunch of different things.

This week we talked about: 
  • Painting and decorating the kitchen
  • Getting a triangle for the pool table
  • Having some art work in the community room
  • Getting a ping pong table
  • Getting speakers for the TV in the community room
  • Hosting a Pot Luck Dinner
  • Having a community drawing wall
  • Hosting a Pool and Foosball Tournament to raise money for the Fugee Family (Ludlow Charity)
So if you feel like you can help out with any of these things or this seems like a group that you would like to hang out with for an hour on Thursday nights, come on by October 4th for our next Ludlow Collective meeting.

See you on the flip side ;)

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